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Helt Oncale (NEW ORLEANS)

With sixteen years touring Germany, Austria and Switzerland, consistently thrilled audiences, o songs and an international line-up, ZYDECO ANNIE + SWAMP CATS is Germany's most popular band presenting Cajun and Zydeco music from Louisiana.

Enjoy an unforgettable concert evening with their new program:

The Spirit of New Orleans

Down south in Louisiana next to the Mississippi River, New Orleans is a unique melting pot of cultures, cooking and music styles and is still called the cradle of jazz music. Together with ZYDECO ANNIE + SWAMP CATS, come along for a one-of-a-kind evening in this musical city, get infected by its spirit, feel the heat and the demand for more, satisfy your desire for freedom and take a piece of it home with you. This is the meaning of "The Spirit of New Orleans".

ZYDECO ANNIE + SWAMP CATS are as versatile and colorful as the stories of old New Orleans. The band knows how to uniquely combine their own roots with the Big Easy, their own past with the music of the Creole people. Their original songs tell of the sadness of saying goodbye, of the liveliness and energy of Mardi Gras, of lonely bayou desires and the joyful gatherings at the Fais Deaux Deaux.

ZYDECO ANNIE comes from a family that revolves around the accordion. Her accordion has been her daily companion since childhood. After growing up with traditional Bavarian music and spending her early days with orchestral accordion and classical studies she fell in love with Cajun and Zydeco during one of her musical tours around the world. Her playing is as multifaceted as life itself, full of playful vitality, endless devotion to making music and of course - the love for her instrument.

The charismatic musician HELT ONCALE comes straight from the heart of New Orleans, which is also called „Big Easy“ by its residents because of its easy way of life. He grew up in the pulsating life of the city, learned his craft in the artist’ pubs of the „French Quarter“, played his way through the clubs and bars of „Bourbon Street“, where the best of the good present their art every day. From the age of 19, the excellent musician tours through the United States

HELT ONCALE – that is groovy rhythm’n’ Blues and traditional Cajun fidde a master guitar and fiddler player with a sensitive voice

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