Sentiment Falls

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The award-winning Swedish band creates their own sound and differs a lot from pop / country which comes from Nashville.

Andreas and Ronnie's vocals, combined with the raw energy the band delivers, make Sentiment Falls a high quality live performance that leaves no one untouched.

We love artists like Lady A, Keith Urban and Tayler Swift and we are very inspired by their music, but what we do is different. We strongly believe that we are doing something big.

Sentiment Falls began in 2011, first as a duo when Ronnie and Andrea met through work at the same entertainment company.

They quickly realized that magic occurred when their voices met. Despite their different musical backgrounds, they found something in common in pop / country and formed Sentiment Falls. In 2012, they released their first single “Six feet under”.

They spent the coming years refining their style and in 2018 they were nominated for "Best band" at the Seljord country festival in Norway, "Best country act" in the Pop/rock genre at a Swedish competition and "Entertainers of the Year" at Texas Sounds integrational music awards in the USA.

Sentiment Falls continues to follow their passion and sings songs with a meaningful message. “The message” is “everyday” feelings… joy and sorrow.

All these things that everyone can relate to…. it comes to: if we feel it, we sing it.

We are currently working with Austin Moorhead, a pop / country producer from Nashville. The next release "A little too far" will be released in 2021.

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