Opera on the Rocks

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With some of the Nordic region's most talented musicians at the helm, the magnificent show "OPERA ON THE ROCKS" mixes some of the best from the world of opera with the ditto of rock music. In the unusual mix, a completely unique, musical experience emerges, which will undoubtedly excite everyone from opera to rock lovers, when songs like "NESSON DORMA", "O MIO BABBINO CARO", "LOVE OF MY LIFE" "THE SHOW MUST GO ON ”and“ THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA ”“ ACE OF SPADES ”and much more are on the program.

There are beautiful duets, well-known classics and own songs, when ‘Opera on the Rocks’ welcomes the proof that opera and rock play together to a very high degree.

In addition, our fantastic orchestra, with Pianist and Bandmaster: 


Per Hoyer – Bas-Bariton

is educated at Kbh. University and privately at John Guttmann Sørensen.
As one of the most versatile singers of his generation, P.H. a repertoire that covers the entire musical palette.

For several periods, P.H. worked as a free-lance singer in Europe and has also been permanently associated with the opera in Nuremberg (1992-95) and Copenhagen (1995-2008). In opera, P.H. primarily sung, a large number of main parts in the Italian subject and, in a concert context, has a wide range of the greatest oratorio and vocal works behind him.

P. H. has sung soundtracks for several films, most recently synchronizing "Gaston" from The Beauty and the Beast, as well as "Jethro" in Prince of Egypt.

P. H. received in August 1991 the Victor Borges Music Award, in August 1993 the Aksel Schiøtz' Mindelegat, in January 1998 the Einar Høyvalds Fondslegat, in April 2002 the Wilhelm Herolds Mindelegat, in June 2002 Kgl. Chamber singer Otto Steenberg's Legacy and in November 2008 Torben Anton Svendsen's Memory Delegate.
In November 1998, P.H. appointed Knight of the Dannebrog.


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