Noel Todd Smith

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Noel has performed for more than 20 years at many venues, throughout Northern Europe and the U.S.A. Noel comes from a family of musicians.

Noel's interest in music, began early in his childhood. He sang for several years in The Southern Baptist Church Choir, Tiline, Kentucky, from the age of six.

As a teenager, Noel moved with his family to Newburgh Indiana, where he began singing with local rock and pop bands.

At the age of 15, Noel met a local guitarist named Shannon Lafferty, who taught him the first chords of the guitar. This proved to be a turning point in Noel´'s musical career, and he has been playing and perfecting his skills ever since.

At the age of 18, Noel moved to Sweden with his father, composer / pianist Michael Joseph Smith. In Sweden, Noel met many talented and interesting musicians who expanded his views both on. life and music.

22 years old, he met his now friend for life and colleague, singer / songwriter Per A.W. Larsen and together they formed the acoustic duo "Smith & Larsen".

“Smith & Larsen”. For more than 15 years, the duo performed with tracks by their favorite artists and original tracks. They played on university campuses, pubs, private parties of all kinds, festivals and theaters.

Smith & Larsen quickly became known as the only acoustic duo in the area who sang intricate vocal harmonic interpretations of Simon & Garfunkel, Pink Floyd, America and many more.

The duo performed for years without a single full weekend off and eventually Larsen lost his passion for music and left the duo in 1997. Noel, who was still passionate about his art at heart, reorganized and began performing for himself.

Throughout the last few years with Smith & Larsen, Noel was also a member of a local rock group called 7even. The group recorded an album and was very close to a record deal with BMG and Warner Music but when the agreements fell apart the group was finally disbanded and re-emerged as a semi-cover band called "All The Kings Men" which continued to perform on all kinds festivals and other events.

They also welcomed the singer Susanna Klementsson Berg to the group as a new member. All the other musicians in All The Kings Men are still active with various musical projects.

Noel and singer Susanna formed the successful pigeon “Evolution” in 1998. Together, Noel and Susanna performed weekly around northern Europe for 7 years.

Susanna decided to take a break from traveling and performing to plan to start a family and pursue other interests, so Noel now developed again by adding the talented singer Rosita Elfving to Evolution. Evolution is still booked today.

Noel has also started a new group consisting of guitar / vocals, piano and saxophones with a very competent group of musicians. Noel Smith Project.

NSP is planning recordings and performances in the near future and is already recognized as an interesting and competent group.

Whether you want a solo, duo, cover band or a jazzier, you can not go wrong with the Noel Smith Procect with the artist and musician, Noel Todd Smith.

Noel and his years of experience with live performance assure that the listener will enjoy a pleasant evening with pleasant sound and good music.

When it comes to the question of repertoire you will be happy to find out that Noel plays a wide variety of songs exciting from the 50s and all the way up to today, popular hits and also some Irish folk songs like original wakes.

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* I am 100% convinced that music has the potential power to heal.
Noel Todd Smith

* Music is just as much for those who listen as those who perform it.
Noel Todd Smith

* Music is a form of expression that reaches far beyond language.
Have a great day!
Noel Todd Smith

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