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The idea of. this show and the start of this, happened in the fall of 2020 and quickly became a success.

But it got harder and harder to get around with this and we had to put it on hold until September / October 2021, when we started it up in Sweden and to great success there.

We are very much looking forward to, of course together with some of our fantastic singers and musicians again, getting around in 2024/2025 - and with a completely new set-up.


Sopran – Elsebeth Dreisig.
Elsebeth is one of Denmark's leading freelance sopranos.

She has sung all the major soprano roles that belong to the lyrical profession. Namely the beautiful women from e.g. Operas by Mozart, Puccini and Verdi.

 There have been bids for Elsebeth at Det kgl. Theater (Opera), The Jutland Opera, Opera Hedeland, The Funen Opera and The New Opera.

At the Opera, Malmö Opera, Opera Hedeland and Den Jyske opera, Elsebeth has sung the main part with great success in, among others Puccini's opera "Madame Butterfly".

Elsebeth was also, in 2019, very successful in the role of Cleopatra in the opera of the same name, by the Danish composer August Enna.

 Then Elsebeth sang the role of Cio-Cio-San again, this time in Danish, with the Opera in Svendborg at Svendborg Harbour. It was also a great personal success for Elsebeth.

In 2022, Elsebeth was very successful in the part as Queen Margrethe on 1. It was the opera "DrømmeDøden", composed by the forward-thinking composer and cellist, Josefine Opsahl, which was created in connection with the celebration of the Kalmar Union.

The opera was performed at i.a. Kalmar Castle and at Det Kgl. Theater.

Elsebeth has sung with all the regional orchestras and on New Year's Eve 22/23 Elsebeth was a soloist with the DR Symphony Orchestra at the traditional New Year's concerts.

The concerts were broadcast live on DR P2 and also on DR1, TV.

In recent years, Elsebeth has expanded her concert style to the more intimate environment and holds many home concerts both at her own home and at fok's, who want to have the soloist up close. 

In May 2023, Elsebeth received the very prestigious grant: Elisabeth Don's memorial grant.

It cannot be searched.

It is given to women who are employed by the Royal Danish Opera, already singing and dramatic, have made a great effort at this, as well as to women outside the opera who strive towards this goal and whose outstanding talent and singing and dramatic abilities make it likely that they will be able to make a big effort at the opera, as it is emphasized that the endowment's purpose is as much to enhance the Royal Danish Opera as it is to support and assist the talent.

Bas-bariton – Per Høyer

Per Høyer is educated at Kbh. University and private at John Guttmann Sørensen.

As one of the most versatile singers of his generation, P.H. a repertoire that covers the entire musical palette.

For several periods, P.H. worked as a free-lance singer in Europe and has also been permanently associated with the opera in Nuremberg (1992-95) and Copenhagen (1995-2008). In opera, P.H. primarily sung, a large number of main parts in the Italian subject and, in a concert context, has a wide range of the greatest oratorio and vocal works behind him.

P. H. has sung soundtracks for several films, most recently synchronizing "Gaston" from The Beauty and the Beast, as well as "Jethro" in Prince of Egypt.

P. H. received in August 1991 the Victor Borges Music Award, in August 1993 the Aksel Schiøtz' Mindelegat, in January 1998 the Einar Høyvalds Fondslegat, in April 2002 the Wilhelm Herolds Mindelegat, in June 2002 Kgl. Chamber singer Otto Steenberg's Legacy and in November 2008 Torben Anton Svendsen's Memory Delegate.

In November 1998, P.H. appointed Knight of the Dannebrog.



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