As good As new –  a Tribute to Abba

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The year 2022 is the year where we can once again look forward to celebrating "ABBA" - a new CD has been presented and a large special concert "ABBATAR" will take place throughout 2022 in London and in a number of other countries after 2022.

The CD was released at the end of 2021 and was pre-ordered for DKK 1.5 million. copy and has since been for sale all over the world and yes “ABBA” has resurfaced and to a success that no one else has pursued.

Almost 50 years after ABBA´'s breakthrough, we can proudly present the production “As Good As New” a tribute to Sweden's, through the ages, largest music export.

A tribute to something as big as "ABBA" must be well thought out and not something you start with without having your heart in it and you must not forget that they are Swedish.

A lot of copy bands from different countries, travel around today and play ABBA´s music, but one thing is to play it, another thing is to have the music in their heart and have studied "ABBA" and thus show them that respect as they deserve.

Therefore, the artists in "As Good As New" are hand-picked, to give as authentic a feeling as possible, of what it could have been like to participate in one of ABBA´'s legendary concerts and no aspects of costume, make-up, musical arrangements, movements or song, are left to chance.


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