Sarah and the Romans

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Sarah & The Romans is one of the hottest country bands in Croatia. Their unique mix of polka, waltz, march, mazurka with bluegrass and country music has attracted the attention of music lovers in Croatia, and now they want to spread their wings and bring their music beyond Europe.

Sarah & The Romans was founded in 2014 and has 9 members including 2 female vocals, guitar, fiddle, banjo, double bass, mandolin, blues harp and drums.

Honest, passionate, classic. Sarah & The Romans delivers the finest classic Bluegrass and Country music, but with its own special touch.

In 2022, Sarah & The Romans has prepared a new hit with Annika Ljungberg.
Croatian bluegrass band Sarah & The Romans, who wrote a song together with the Swedish singer Annika Ljungberg, proved that music knows no boundaries.

Annika became known to us from the group Rednex, whose song "Cotton Eyed Joe" is still in our ears today.

This collaboration brings us the continuation of this world famous hit. Leader and member of the band Sarah & The Romans, Goran Troha, composed a new song with Annika with the appropriate name: "Joe's comeback".

The members of Sarah & The Romans and Annika shot the music video for the song in the cowboy village of Roswell, Croatia in true country style.

Listeners will find out what the song "Joe's comeback" sounds like in September, which is also the release of Sarah & The Roman's upcoming album - "Dandelion Morning".


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