Robert Wells Rhapsody in Rock

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ROBERT WELLS – Composer, Pianist and Entertainer.

10 most important facts about ROBERT WELLS.

1. Youngest admitted student in the soloist line, the Academy of Music in Stockholm.

2: Wells and Rhapsody in Rock have passed 1.7 million tickets sold.

3: piano school with Wells online

4: Professor of music in Hangzhou, China since 2006

5: Composer for Beijing Olympics 2008

6: Seven gold awards and 2 platinum

7: Biggest sources of inspiration: Charlie Normann and Victor Borge

: Audience age between 5 and 95 years

9: Has toured in China, USA, Russia, England and Australia.

10: Works with Stiftelsen Tummeliten för prematurbarn

Through the years at the music college, the musical ideas with different styles grew. Always with classical music as a base combined with Jazz, BoogieWoogie, Folk music, Musical and Hard rock, all in the name of entertainment with a strong inspiration from Victor Borge, Jerry Lee and Liberace.

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