Jazz Delux

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The musicians in Jazz Delux each have a long-standing career on the Danish jazz scene.

Over the years, the musicians in Jazz Delux have had the opportunity to sporadically perform together in various constellations, e.g. a. on tours around Europe.

The experience of challenging and complementing each other in the musical field, combined with a good chemistry, seasoned with a common perception of good "musician humor", forms the basis of the band.

It is therefore always a pleasure and joy to play with Jazz Delux, entertaining, amusing and happy music, set the framework for today's lunchtime Jazz in Aarhus Jazzklub.

Jazz Delux – a small jazz band with a lot of experience. With a solid rhythm group and two "horns for the coffee", it can't go wrong.

Jazz Delux stands for easy-to-digest happy jazz that reaches right down to the back row.

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